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Candy Benoit, who works in finance at Classic Honda, started at the dealership in 1997 and has been working with the company ever since.

Shortly after Candy graduated from high school, she dove right into the automotive industry. For a little while, she worked at Disney World, but the automotive world is where she found her niche. She saw an ad for a receptionist position that was open at Classic Honda, and she decided to go for it.

The desire to help others motivates Candy to keep working every day. This position has allowed her to help others in a way not everyone can. The environment at Classic Honda also keeps her motivated when she comes into work every day. She has stayed at the dealership all this time because of the way management treats employees and the way everyone treats customers.

“I honestly feel that we are the automotive group with the most integrity,” Candy said.

For anyone looking to work in the automotive industry, Candy says it is most important to be adaptable and be kind. While customers may be standoffish at first because of the reputation dealerships have, she has noticed that they calm right down when they realize you’re not a “typical car person.”

Of everything Candy has accomplished in life, she is proudest of building a family with her husband, who also works at a Holler-Classic dealership, and their two children. While her work is rewarding, family is the most important part of her life.

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